Articles in the Manteca Bulletin

I used to write monthly perspective columns for the Manteca Bulletin, a newspaper with a daily readership of about 15K.  Here are the links to the articles I wrote (September 2014 – January 2016):

(In reverse chronological order)

Looking forward to 1st election to vote

Wrapping up semester, heading back to Manteca

Counting down to a Silveira Christmas

He Owes A Lot to the Bookfest

Manteca Museum Well Worth the Time

Interning with Manteca Unified: Incredible

Longing for Old Manteca

What I Learned in Eight Months

Try Smiling, You’ll be More Happier

A Snow Job: Process of Writing

Thoughts of a Migratory Mantecan

He’s not in Manteca Anymore…

*I don’t come up with the titles.  The Editors at the Bulletin do that part.

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