Viral Facebook Events

Finding an obscure Facebook event while scrolling through your timeline is always interesting.

But being one of the first invites to one of those obscure Facebook events is interesting, especially when you know the creator of said event personally, and then watch as the aforementioned event blows up to have thousands talking about it and saying they’ll attend, and then even more so when you see that event become one of the top trending topics on that little sidebar thingy  with the cool squiggly arrows on the right side of the Facebook layout (on a computer, anyway) and then you think, “Wow, that’s pretty cool how that happened.”  And then you think, “Wow, I know the person who started this.”  And then you think, “Wow, I wonder if it’s really possible to move a skyscraper into the river?” But then you think, “Wow, I don’t really care because I just think it’s cool how huge this event has gotten.”  And then after this thinking process, you think, “Wow, I’m gonna blog about it.”

If you want to check out the event, here’s a link:  It’s Time to Relocate the Trump Tower to the Chicago River

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