Game Night

Playing Cards Against Humanity is such a fun experience.  We’ve compiled a large number of extra packs.  One of which is a college-themed free pack from Target that the retail chain was handing out at Columbia’s convocation at the beginning of the year.

One of the cards in said Target pack is “Indecisive Sandwich Ordering”.  By itself, it seems like a very unfunny card.

But paired with seven college students with large imaginations (because Columbia’s an art school, so having an imagination is basically required with your application), this seemingly boring card turns into a fifteen minute rapid-fire dialogue of what indecisive sandwich ordering sounds like.  “What other breads do you have?” “Can I get that toasted?  Or maybe not?  Never mind, I don’t want that toasted.  But maybe I do?  Oh, it’s already toasted?  I don’t think I want it toasted anymore.”  “What’s the difference between bell peppers and banana peppers?  What about regular pepper?  Where does that come from?  Which pepper would you recommend?  I like bananas, but I’m not sure about banana peppers.  Actually, I don’t think I want any peppers.  But can we switch out that ham for turkey maybe?  I’d rather have that.”

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