Move-Outs, Day 1

A majority of the move-outs for my dorm were yesterday (with the second half today), and I’ve learned a lot about what not to throw down the trash chute, based on what people actually threw down trash chutes.  The list as follows is (a huge exaggeration of) what went down the chute today:

A vacuum, an ironing board, three printers all at once, a TV, five lamps, another TV, a shower curtain, a bookshelf (sans books, thank goodness), the iron that goes with the aforementioned ironing board, a garbage bag full of broken glass, a cork board, an oscillating fan, a filing cabinet, and your first born child (the second born, however, is fair game*).

*This was a terrible joke.  You should not throw babies and/or any living beings down trash chutes. I considered deleting it entirely but then realized that I wasn’t quite sure what I’d put down here in this third section, so that’s why I left it.  By the way, move-outs in a 28-story building with only three elevators is terrible.  I’d suggest avoiding it as much as you can.

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