Ready for Vacation

Yesterday was a whirlwind.

Wake up early, go get the rest of your stuff from your old apartment, bring stuff over to your new apartment, go back to your old apartment one last time to make sure it’s clean and cry about how you’re leaving it, go to your new apartment and start unpacking, say hi to your boss as he walks in with your roommate to fix the TV and, oh, you’re also in the bathroom sitting on the toilet, go to work and play with Excel for four hours, leave work, go to Target to grab those nice dress shoes you’ve been meaning to get for your interview tomorrow, also grab a shower liner because you threw your old one out in the moving process because it was nasty, drop items from Target off at your apartment, go to Panda Express because you’re craving it and you should treat yo’ self, eat Panda Express while watching Wheel of Fortune, start unpacking some more, even though you know you’ll just have to pack it all up again in two months, get bored with the packing, go to a friends apartment, go on a walk to the beach at 10 PM, come back to your apartment exhausted, write this blog post, go to bed.

A whirlwind.

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