Book Reviews On Pause

Update time!

I’m currently on vacation from school/work/life in Chicago/et cetera, which also means that I’m on vacation from book reviewing.  I had intended to continue the reviews through vacation, but it’s been really nice not being compelled to do anything and just lounging around binge-watching Ancient Aliens all day/every day, and so I haven’t been reading as much.

Don’t worry, though–book reviews will start back up on June 13th.  Hopefully that’s not too long of a wait!

Quick Writes will continue as is.  It’s much easier to write a simple three-line observation than it is to write a ~500-word review on a book that’s taken all week to read.  They’re fun, but they’re also tiring.

Okay, I’m heading back into Vacation-Mode.  Ancient Aliens is back on.


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