Small World

My dad is the biggest fan of Guy Fieri in probably the entire universe.  Whenever we go out to eat, we have to eat at a restaurant that the infamous celebrity chef visited on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives or else we’re wasting our time.

So yesterday, we checked out one such restaurant.  The maximum capacity inside the restaurant was 40 persons, and each table was packed full with foodies.  As we waited at the front of the line (we got there at just the right time!) and stared at the spray-painted picture of Guy on the wall (my dad almost wet his pants when he noticed the man’s autograph there in front of him), we chatted up a pair of strangers who were also waiting with us.  We joked that we’d have to sit together because there were only four-person tables inside.

So, when my dad and I were seated at a four-person table, we invited the strangers to join us.  We ordered, we got our food, we ate, and we talked.  Turns out, they live in the neighboring town, the chick makes the best tamales, and the dude went to high school with my dad.  And then we finished up and left and probably will never see them again ever in the world at all never ever never (but maybe we will–we live in a small town).  Fun times.

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