But at least I got my orange chicken

I stand in an uber-long line waiting for my turn to order my orange chicken at Panda Express (because we all know how much I love orange chicken from Panda Express) and a guy comes up behind me.  We wait for the line to move.

Then, two guys I had seen outside walk in and join their two other friends who are standing right in front of me.  Outside I had seen the two friends in front wave over the two friends who joined in, so this move wasn’t that big a deal for me.

It was a big deal, however, to the guy behind me, who, I assume, hadn’t seen the wave.  He speaks up, telling one of the guys that he just cut in line, and then that guy turns around and doesn’t speak English, and they almost get in argument speaking over my head (because they’re both taller than me), but then it gets resolved when the guy in front sarcastically apologizes to the guy in back and then the guy in front turns back around and the guy in back huffs in disgust and I just stand there looking at my phone because the whole situation is just weird.

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