iOS 10

I tried updating to iOS 10 during the hour that I had between classes because I thought, “Oh, this new update has some pretty cool things in it.  I should do this now.”

So I downloaded the software and I started the installation and then I had to get to class, so I started on my merry way.  Halfway to class, I pulled the phone out of my pocket to check the installation process and my phone told me that I needed to connect it to iTunes on my computer–which I didn’t bring with me to class.

So, I waited until I got done and then my computer told me that I would either need to revert my phone’s software to the previous version or restore it completely and delete all my stuff and I almost freaked out but I just reverted the update or something like that and then redownloaded iOS 10 and it’s all good now but woah, was that a weird thing.

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