Move Out of the Way

If you are waiting for the walk sign to turn on, do not bunch up so those crossing the street perpendicular to you can’t pass you.

If you do end up bunching up, when someone crossing perpendicular walks toward you, step out of the way so they can pass.

If you do end up bunching up and you do end up not moving, don’t get mad when someone walking by asks you to move and almost rolls their grocery cart over your foot because you won’t move.


Last Friday, my bus ride home from my internship took an hour, so this week, I decided I’d try walking and taking the train.

It was a bad decision from the get-go, because as I started walking, it began to drizzle.  Then I noticed that there was no traffic whatsoever, and two buses passed me.  When I finally got to the train station, there were so many people trying to get on that I had to wait while one train filled and passed, and then hopped on a second just-as-crowded one.  And I got home at the same time.

Looks like I’ll stick to the bus.