About Me


Lawrence Silveira. From a California town called “Lard”. I like goats, the color orange, and writing things.

Lawrence received a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College Chicago with a major in Fiction Writing and a minor in Writing for Television. His prose work has been featured online and in print in multiple publications, all listed in his Portfolio. Lawrence currently lives in Los Angeles and serves as the Acquisitions Editor for Mental Papercuts, an online flash fiction literary magazine.

Lawrence is currently querying his novel Wannabee: a college-set young adult sadcom about our post-high school “firsts”, how we treat other people, and what it means to want (as well as some fun honey-related hijinks!) 🐝

In addition to his short work, Lawrence’s first-ever novel, Darkblade and the Secret Shadow, was self-published back when he was in high school and really just wanted to be able to say that he had a book published by the time he graduated. Lawrence also helped create an as-told-to memoir called My Mission to Walk: A Journey of Sight, Step, and Strength with the late Tonya Rabb, the founder of Tonya’s Mission to Walk. Learn more about this project here.

If you’re in need of a talented writer with his own unique sense of humor or an editor with an acute eye for detail, feel free to reach out! Lawrence is always looking to expand his portfolio, build his resume, and collaborate.