New Book Now Available on Amazon!

My Mission to Walk Memoir

Over the past few months, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work on an as-told-to memoir project with Tonya Rabb, the founder of a new nonprofit called “Tonya’s Mission to Walk”. I’m excited to finally announce that My Mission to Walk: A Journey of Sight, Step, and Strength is officially out!

This memoir details Tonya’s incredible life and her challenges with blindness, paralysis, and malpractice. Her life hasn’t just been one big struggle, though: a cross-country tour with the Chi-Lites, a history-making study abroad trip, and an almost-fatal encounter with a malicious nurse are just a few of the truly inspiring stories Tonya has to share!

All author royalties from the book benefit Tonya’s Mission to Walk, a nonprofit that assists “extraordinary people with extraordinary challenges”. Focusing mainly on individuals whose insurance has lapsed and are unable to get the medical attention they deserve, this nonprofit hosts discounted physical therapy sessions, equipment rentals, and other various programs for those in need.

Learn more about Tonya’s Mission to Walk here.

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