“Mental Papercuts, Issue One” Now Available!

Issue 1 Cover

The inaugural issue of Mental Papercuts is here! Published on April 1st, my team and I are so proud to finally share what we’ve created. From maybe-equine sports hecklers and lonely mothers to trips to unfamiliar hair salons and naked mole rats, each and every piece is absolutely superb. What’s your favorite story? Let me know! (And don’t forget to submit to our next issue too!)

Read Issue One here!

A Healthier, More Fit, Cleaner Me

Healthy Oxford Hills

I write for The Odyssey on a weekly basis, and this week, I wrote about my experience with this great new fad diet that everyone has been raving about. I spent thirty days trying it out, seeing what changes it would make to my body and my physical health and my general self. Thankfully, I had an amazing time with it, and I encourage everyone to try it out too! Continue reading “A Healthier, More Fit, Cleaner Me”