WriterLawrence started out as a blog, and it’s been a while since I did a blog-related thing. My last book review went out over a year ago, I haven’t posted any life updates in I don’t know how long, I fine-tuned my Portfolio to just what I wanted to include and then stopped adding stuff to it, and, generally, over time, this website has kinda evolved to just that: a website.

This diminishing of “The Blog” was due to quite a bit—I entered my senior year of college, worked internships, apartment hunted, graduated, became a pirate, and now I’ve entered the “starving artist” portion of my life. (I’m by no means literally starving, I just like the phrase.) It’s why WriterLawrence has gone through some much-needed revamping. It’s now a more professional LinkedIn-worthy website where I can direct prospective employers and clients to learn more about me, take a look at my portfolio, and get a better picture of the guy who applied to their open position and/or freelance query (AKA, me).

With this fresh and new and exciting pseudo-professional update, I thought I should add one more bit. I’ve always believed that the most important thing any writer should do with a whole bunch of newfound free time is write, and so I’m proud to announce that the blog is back up and running!

“The Blog,” as I’ve creatively named it, is now a section of the WriterLawrence site, not the site in its entirety. Previous blogging included short stories, book reviews, life updates, quick writes, all sorts of stuff, and now, instead of having their own separate headers (with the exception of short stories—those are now my official Portfolio), everything will be included here. Super amazing, right?

I don’t know what this iteration of the WriterLawrence blog is going to entail. All I know is that each week you’ll be given something, and that that something will hopefully be entertaining, insightful, inspiring, educational, and/or impactful-in-some-way-or-another. And hopefully, you’ll like it just the same.

So let’s get this thing started and see how it goes.

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