Mental Papercuts – Submissions Closing Soon!

One Week Until Submissions Close

These past few months, my very-talented friends and I have worked on creating a new literary magazine called Mental Papercuts, and on February 1st–THIS FRIDAY–submissions will close for our inaugural issue.

The quality of work we’ve received thus far is astounding, and I couldn’t be more proud of how far we’ve come. Way back in September of last year, we started work on #Flashtober, the Inktober of flash fiction and nonfiction and the unofficial start of the Mental Papercuts project. Submissions opened November 1st, and since then, we’ve gleaned a wide array of powerful, poignant, and prickly pieces that are sure to pack a punch.

I can’t wait to share this first issue with the world, but first I have to finish reading our submissions! Maybe a story of yours can be one on my to-read list? If you’ve got something under 1,000 words that you’d like included with some of the best flash fiction and nonfiction around, consider submitting it to this magazine. We’ve only got a week left, so be sure to submit soon. I can’t wait to read it!

Submission guidelines can be found here. Follow us on social, too, at @mentalpapercuts.

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